When I had a disagreement with my employer, the courts wrote, "Inherent in an employment-at-will agreement is the absolute right of either party to change or to terminate the relationship." This statement in itself is illogical.  Can you imagine a world where an employee can start the day telling the employer that today my salary is $100,000 an hour and the courts backing that up because either party has the absolute right to change the relationship? 

As goofy as this original logic, this is the foundation used to justify rulings that eventually state that employers can ignore every commitment they make to employees, if they just say “at will”. 

Of course, none of those other cases can make sense if the foundation is goofy.  In my situation, those cases do not apply because I win at the foundation level.  If either party has the right to change or terminate the relationship is the standard, then I win because I never worked a minute without establishing that the cost of my services was the salary both parties agreed to in writing. 

In my case, Serco did not definitively say they were reducing my salary until months after they started paying me less.  Even before this, I proactively and in writing declared the cost of my services.  By not choosing to exercise their option to terminate our employment relationship, according to the principle that either party can change the employment relationship, Serco became liable to pay the salary.  Then when they finally did put their proposed change in writing, I definitively changed it back.  Stated another way, even after my employer went on the record of trying to change my salary, I changed it back before performing any work.  

If lawyers followed their own logic then I win this case.  But of course, lawyer logic is devoid of any sensible reasoning.  There is no justification for either party in a contract to be able to unilaterally ignore the terms both parties agreed to and unilaterally implement changes.  The courts embarrass themselves by writing such nonsense.  When we are finished with this campaign, lawyer logic will no longer humiliate our judicial system.  

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